This site is simple to use and weed through tons of talent for our auditions! Finally an industry networking site that's not only visually appealing but team also seems to care about fast and reliable service.
    - Tim (Casting Director)

    I've got my first auditions and extra work through Castingdna. Great tool when you chase after auditions in Los Angeles.
    - Jessica (Talent)

    Awesome Casting Notice Section, great overview, immediately live and good Resource Directories. This site has made life easier for casting directors, producers and essentially actors and models. Keep up the good work folks at DNA.
    - Jared (Production Executive)

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I find Fast Cast very user friendly. Being able to post and edit as I am casting is incredible. CastingDNA has made our lives so much easier! CastingDNA system and all its related services prove that they really get it. Talent Casting in Los Angeles
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